Tending Your Fleet Operations In The Field And On The Road

Intelligence, Versatility and Control

An integral element of many different types of Agriculture operations, Location Technologies’ Asset Management systems deliver next-generation operations management backed by invaluable security for expensive materials and equipment. Our integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, vehicle tracking and remote monitor products give Foremen and Construction Managers confidence their resources are secure and accounted for – supported by geographic-based Equipment Management that makes Location Technologies the standard for the construction industry.

Location Technologies provides remote monitoring and telemetry of fixed assets and/or operational. Our advanced technology and flexibility give operators a system customized to their specific preferences and needs, with a variety of digital and analog options for ongoing monitoring, alarm and out-of-range conditions, data gathering and more for increased operational control and efficiency. Location Technologies’ ability to integrate seamlessly into existing systems with minimal bandwidth make remote

LTI Asset Management products are used extensively in the construction industry. We have successfully integrated RFID tags for equipment management, vehicle tracking for fleet control, and remote monitor products for trailer and site security. Our geographic based Equipment Management program is unparalleled in the industry.

Site and Silo Monitoring

Monitoring of silos and field sites is a major concern for many agricultural operations. We have successfully integrated fully automated temperature and field condition monitoring systems using our LT Radio Modems.

Equipment and Asset Monitoring With RFID Tag integration we can track individual pieces of equipment within a given job site. We can also give status reports based on motion and status of those assets.

Location Technologies’ Site Monitor:
• GPS option available for monitoring of Mobile repeaters.
• DTMF decoding can trigger actions.
• E.G output triggers.
• Voice Annunciation of parameters from DTMF over the air request.
• Monitored Parameters trigger output actions or voice announcement.
• Voice announcement can include; digital inputs state, voltage levels, Latitude, Longitude, temperature.


Lower costs, tighten schedules and apply resources more efficiently with tools from Location Technologies:


Discover the ideal mix of technology and hardware to align with your operation, your goals and your existing systems. Location Technologies’ unmatched experience and engineering expertise allows us to customize a solution for your unique needs.

Existing Communication Compatibility

Advanced tools, including Navigo Mobile Data Terminals, high-speed radio and cellular modems and next-generation GPS equipment, are all designed to integrate seamlessly into your current operations. Our equipment supports both analog and digital systems with options for backup and redundancy.


Advanced reporting presents complete details on all elements of your operations. With information including route reporting, destination and idle times, personnel and passenger data and more, you gain a window into the inner workings of your operations to achieve an even higher level of efficiency. We provide the complete solution including Next Stop and Kiosk ETA information, route compliance, pre-shift checks, and para-transit solutions.

Weather Data Integration

Our systems integrate essential NEXRAD weather data directly with your management and mapping applications. This vital data allows you to track weather and traffic in real time to optimize routing and resources.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Location Technologies’ solutions also offer anytime, anywhere access through our Navigo Explorer WebMap platform. This Online tool provides you with access to the complete, real-time data from your operation’s resources, activities and more. All of our software suites and dispatch mapping platforms allow you to use virtually any type of GIS Map data in its native format.

Intelligence, Versatility, and Control.

A Vital Advantage For All Agricultural Operations

Combining the latest technology, engineering and industry expertise, Location Technologies has helped operations across America enhance communication capabilities with the intelligence, versatility and control imperative for protecting large populations and communities.


Know the complete status of your operations at all times. Location Technologies can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to provide exactly what you need to know, including vehicle tracking, status reporting, route management and more. Our high-speed modems, mobile data applications and other advanced hardware, such as our Navigo Map Console and Navigo Explorer WebMap platform, deliver a spectrum of real-time updates and communications with unprecedented detail and accuracy that keeps both transportation employees and the public safe and well-informed.


React to changing needs with confidence and awareness. Our latest intelligence technology translates to versatility for every element of your operation. With complete awareness of location, timing and activity of all your resources and passengers you gain the ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions for peak efficiency. From incoming weather and traffic changes to real-time tracking and advanced communication, Location Technologies gives you the ability to react.


Manage a seamless coordination of ability, time and resources. Developed to enhance your existing systems and operations, Location Technologies’ Systems create new potential for communication, coordination and execution. Your services perform better, your route times advance and your budgets go further. With the intelligence and versatility you need, your gain the control that realizes the full potential of your public transportation resources to enable a safer, more efficient operation for you, your passengers and your entire city.

Discover the Intelligence, Versatility and Control that will dramatically improve the way you operate.