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GPS/AVL Accessories

LT Battery Guard Vehicle Power Timer

Automatic timed power shutoff. 40Amp relay with DIP-Switch timer settings ranging from 5 Minutes to over 21 Hours. Only a single battery power connection is needed as the device senses the battery voltage to determine if the vehicles ignition on or off. When the vehicle is turned off the Power Timer will hold power active for the preset length of time. A powerful 40 Amp relay is used so that high power radios and/or Mobile Data Terminals may also be powered through the device.

LT Modem Interface Assembly

Signal Interface device for the LT AVL Modem Series. DB25 output connector for a straight through connection to the DB25 connector of the LT AVL Modem and a 10 pin Screw Connect strip for simple connection to external signal lines. The device is jumper selectable for switched ground or switched 12VDC operation. Opto-isolators are used to provide maximum isolation between the modem and the external vehicle systems. The device may also be fitted with an optional relay connected to the Remote Output 1 from the modem and a +- 30 degrees tilt sensor to detect when a vehicle tips or rolls over.

Short Haul Modem

Used for transmission of data on twisted pair wiring between the AVL Server and an LT Base AVL Modem when the distances are greater than 300ft. Two are required per circuit.

Snow Plow - Blade Position Sensor

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Serial to Ethernet Adapter

The LTI Serial to Ethernet Adapter is used to translate LTI formatted serial packets from a Radio Data Network to UDP or TCP packets for transmission on an Ethernet based network. The Device is typically plugged into the com port of an LT Base AVL Modem and a customer supplied Ethernet Switch or Hub. This device may be powered from the LT Modem or a separate power supply.

USB Serial Adapter

For translating the RS-232 serial output from an LT AVL Modem to USB format. Powered from the PC’s USB port.


Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna

Small low profile active GPS antenna with magnetic base. Ships standard with each AVL Modem Device.

Trunklip Mount GPS Antenna

Our Magnetic Base Active GPS Antenna with attached trunk lip mounting.

Bulkhead Mount GPS Antenna

Bulkhead (0.75” x 1.25” stud) mounted active GPS antenna. The mating BNC Connector for this antenna is provided unattached for ease in routing the cable.

Combination GPS/GPRS Magnetic Mount Antenna

Combined Active GPS and GPRS antenna for cellular based AVL Systems.


BNC Connector for RG178 Cable

Our standard BNC connector.

SMA Connector for RG178 Cable

Our standard SMA connector

Programming Cable

Cable for programming LT AVL Modem Devices with out AVL Config program. Please specify AVL Modem Type when ordering. 7 Ft.

PC Interface Cable

Cable for interfacing between an LT AVL Modem and a DB9 male PC Connection. 12ft Standard length. Please specify LT AVL Modem type when ordering.

Generic Radio Interface Cable

Generic Cable with typical radio interface signals, 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, and 1 output pinned. Please specify LT AVL Modem type when ordering. Also note that is generally most efficient to order interface cables for a specific radio make and model.