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Location Technologies Fleet Management Hardware

No one in the industry offers a wider line of fleet management products. Our GPS and Wireless Data products include our LT6 and LT5 GPS based vehicle tracking systems, LT6R Radio Modem Line, the LTMDC Mobile Data Computer, the LTMDT Mobile Data Terminal, a line of low cost high accuracy GPS products, and a family of remote data collection and monitoring equipment and software. Our flagship is the LT6 family of data radio products featuring over the air data rates up to 19.2 kbps, with optional interfaces to GPRS, CDMA, WiFi and satellite data communications. Our AVL devices may also be configured for passive use. We also provide specialized GPS products based on our high accuracy Real Time Kinematic (RTK) system.

By maintaining a common message protocol we are able to offer our customers flexibility in selecting the communication media best suited for their application. Radio based, cellular, or logging equipment can be utilized in the same fleet, or even the same vehicle, if required.


Radio Communications Scheme

At Location Technologies our first approach to integrating a GPS/AVL Fleet Management System is to utilize an organizations existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Cellular Communications Scheme

Location Technologies GPS/AVL units can communicate over all major cellular data networks.

Location Technologies gives you the ability to integrate an almost unlimited selection of in-vehicle peripherals such as ruggedized Mobile Data Terminals/Computers, laptops, Status Heads, and Personal Navigation Devices. Connect to the operators with virtually any type of network.