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GPS/AVL Fleet Management Mapping/GIS Software Packages

Desktop Map vs. WebMap Platform

Location Technologies offers many Fleet Management Mapping/GIS Software package options including the Navigo Desktop Mapping Software Suite and our Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform specifically designed for fleet management and dispatch oriented applications.

With the ability to utilize, in native format, map data files from virtually all of the major GIS packages including ESRI, Intergraph, Mapinfo, and AutoCad, the Navigo Fleet Management Mapping/GIS package options are the perfect solution for use where there has been an existing investment made in GIS.

Our Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform standard map views cover all of North America. Like the Desktop Map vehicle position and status are displayed using colored icons with unique labels. Our Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform also has the ability to utilize a customer’s own GIS map data with vehicle location and status. On a periodic basis or on user command the map will refresh the position of the vehicle icons by refreshing its view of the vehicle position table maintained by the LT Wireless Data Server.
The Navigo Desktop Map Software Suite is our software package for the display of AVL information is comprised of two parts, the Server Software and the Client Software. The server side software is our LT AVL Server Software (or AVL Server). The Client Side Mapping Software is our Navigo LTMap6 Software and our web based mapping software.