Advanced Capabilities To Maximize Your Response

Intelligence, Versatility and Control

In the field of public safety, efficiency and performance translate to the safety and well-being of those you serve. Sheriffs, Chiefs, and Directors responsible for public safety depend on Location Technologies for accurate, detailed information that promotes quick assessment and action.

With Intelligent Fleet Management and dispatch solutions from Location Technologies, public safety professionals leverage real-time intelligence on the operational efforts of the organization. Our unique versatility and experience with operations of all shapes and sizes enables us to customize solutions for your unique needs. With a Location Technologies solution integrated seamlessly into your operation, you gain a level of awareness and flexibility that delivers safer, more efficient performance by empowering you and your public safety professionals to deliver your very best.

Total Awareness. Powerful Results.

Reduce response time and improve operational effectiveness with advanced intelligence, versatility and control from Location Technologies:


Discover the ideal mix of technology and hardware to align with your operation and your goals. Location Technologies’ unmatched experience and engineering expertise allows us to develop a solution customized to your unique needs and integrated it seamlessly into your existing mobile data communication schemes.

Communication Versatility

Advanced tools featuring analog and digital input/output enhance monitor and control of you operations, including Navigo Data Terminals, high-speed radio and cellular modems and next-generation GPS integrated seamlessly into your current communications. Our equipment supports both analog and digital systems and can integrate radio, cellular communications and Bluetooth® capability for peripherals.

Variable Update Time

This responsive feature identifies units and personnel engaged in priority situations and elevates the frequency and detail of corresponding communications – providing dispatchers and support personnel vital insight to better assist those on the front lines of a variety of emergency situations.

In-Vehicle Mapping

Location Technologies offers comprehensive in-vehicle mapping solutions with all our systems. Integrating weather, traffic data and more, this advanced mapping technology is compatible with both field vehicles and base stations to enable improved dispatch, routing and response times. We can also integrate with Garmin Navigation Devices for in vehicle route guidance.

Officer and Undercover Tracking

Integrate a logging monitor into any deployed vehicle, such as a decoy, to remotely follow the vehicle’s activity. This system enables you to monitor and control a spectrum of elements in real time including location, speed, door locks, ignition, invehicle communication and more.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Compatible with most 3rd party CAD vendors and all GIS map data, Location Technologies’ solutions also offer anytime, anywhere access through our Navigo Explorer WebMap operations management interface. This online tool provides you with access to the complete, real-time data from your operation’s resources, activities and more.

Intelligence, Versatility, and Control.

A Vital Advantage For Public Safety

Combining the latest technology, engineering and industry expertise, Location Technologies has helped agencies across America enhance communications and operational capabilities with the intelligence, versatility and control imperative for protecting large populations and communities.


Know the complete status of your operations at all times. Location Technologies integrates seamlessly with your existing system to provide exactly what you need to know, including vehicle tracking, status reporting, deployment management and more with a variety of output options for emergency vehicles. Paired with our vehicle tracking and wireless data equipment, our Navigo Explorer WebMap platform delivers vital in-vehicle mapping with available real-time traffic and weather that can provide crucial seconds in an emergency situation.


React to changing needs with confidence and awareness. Our latest intelligence technology translates to versatility for every element of your operation. With complete awareness of location and activity of all your resources, you gain the ability to rapidly adapt to any situation. Including activity at location plotting and more, Public Safety officials can give those at the scene the flexibility they need to keep your city safe and manage your operations.


Manage a seamless coordination of ability, time and resources. Developed to enhance your existing systems and operations, Location Technologies’ Fleet Management Systems creates new potential for communication, coordination and safety. Your employees and officers perform better, your operations run faster and safer and your resources go further with Location Technologies. With vital intelligence and versatility, you gain the total control that gives those on the front lines the advantage they need to protect and serve to the best of their ability.

Discover the Intelligence, Versatility, and Control That will dramatically improve the way you operate.