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Wireless Data Server and Event Engine

The Event Engine will monitor all specified vehicle activities and take predefined actions based on the condition of the monitored activity. Conditions are defined for each vehicle and one or several events may be taken based on the condition.

The new LTWDS can utilize MS-SQL or the economical open-sourced MySQL.

Current Defined Conditions and Monitored Activity

Engine On/Off Panic Switch
Vehicle Start/Stop Lights On
Equipment Fault Alarm On/Off
Digital Input On/Off Seatbelt
Analog Input On/Off Door Open
Status Message Receipt Driver Log In/Out
In/Out of GeoFenced Area Text Message Received
ETA Message Received Stop Order Message Received
Painter On/Off On/Off Route
Mower On/Off Spreader ON/Off and rate
Sealer On/Off Blade Up/Down
Sprayer On/Off Broom On/Off
Position Mark PTO On/Off
Vehicle Speed Vacuum On/Off
In/Out of State Boundaries Hopper Dump
RFID Scans Hose Feedout Length
Passenger In/Out Pump On
Impact/Hard Brake Road or Air Temperature
Wind Speed/Direction Compactor On/Off
Pickup arm extend Siren/Lights On/Off
Tilt Sensor  
Arrive/Depart from one of 10 Home Coordinates
Operation outside of prescribed Operating Times
Inactivity over a prescribed time period
Engine Fault Message from Engine Diagnostic Bus

Defined Actions That May Be Taken On Any Of The Above Conditions

Log Event Send an Email
Send an SMS Plot Point
Change Unit Symbol Color, Clear Output
Arm Alarm Query In-Modem Log
Start In-Modem Log Stop In-Modem Log
Clear In-Modem Log Poll Unit
Hide Unit Unhide Unit
Write out file Start Path
Run Report and Email Disable a Vehicle
Enable a Vehicle RouteUpdate-Solid Spread-Active
RouteUpdate-liquid Spread-Active RouteUpdate-Blade-Active
RouteUpdate-Sweeper-Active RouteUpdate-Reserved1-Active
RouteUpdate-Reserved2-Active RouteUpdate-Reserved3-Active
Set Vehicle Output On – uses one of the 6 outputs available on each mode