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Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform

Advanced Browser-based GPS/AVL Fleet Management System

The new Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform is the much anticipated release of the latest software component to the LTI Navigo Fleet Management System. The Navigo Explorer WebMap is the most advanced browser based GPS/AVL Fleet Management platform on the market today and incorporates all of the functionality and features that fleet managers have been asking for.

All of the map and display functionality users have come to expect from a web-based map are available on the Navigo Explorer. The Navigo Explorer is completely browser based and requires no third party tools or drivers to be loaded on the client side workstation.

Completely Browser Based

The Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform is powered by Location Technologies’ New SQL-based Wireless Data Server and Events Engine for automatic monitoring and control of fleet activity. The new LTWDS can utilize MS-SQL or the economical open-sourced MySQL. The Event Engine monitors all specified vehicle activities and takes predefined actions based on the condition of the monitored activity.

Public Facing Web Display

A public display to enhance public awareness and safety during critical operations such as storms and snow events.

The Navigo Desktop Mapping Software Suite is powered by Location Technologies’ New SQL-based AVL Data Server (ADS) and Events Engine for automatic monitoring and control of fleet activity. The new LTADS can utilize MS-SQL or the economical open-sourced MySQL.

The Event Engine will monitor all specified vehicle activities and take predefined actions based on the condition of the monitored activity. Conditions are defined for each vehicle/group and one or several events may be taken based on those conditions that are being monitored and updated in real-time.

Integrate Your Map Data From Virtually Any GIS Providers

Location Technologies has almost two decades of experience successfully integrating and directly interfacing with virtually all types of GIS and Fleet Operations data. The Navigo Desktop Mapping Software Suite is compatible with virtually all GIS data formats, including WMS, and SQL based systems, supports all standard map projections, and has an open 3rd party software interface.

Quickly display storm intensities and precipitation totals. Also shows all weather service produced watch and warning boxes.

Track operations events and field activity automatically with new route matching functions. Track route completion using a convenient color coding scheme that colors route segments based on the time elapsed since their last operations/service event. A Grid option is also available to view the percent completion of all routes in your area of responsibility. Fast 24-hour activity plots give you a useful and current snapshot of your fleet operations.

Location Technologies, Inc.’s Report Manager allows you full control and extensibility for your fleet operations data. Create your own specialized report presentations or utilize the dozens of built-in reports detailing all aspects of your fleets operations. Many can be scheduled to be run automatically.

Diverse and robust reporting options are industry tailored to give users accurate and beneficial information over virtually every aspect of their fleet operations.

Built-In Reports:
- General activity
- Start/Stop
- Geofence activities
- Activity at address
- Mileage/time in region
- Time between status-change
- Idle time
- Digital/Analog I/O


The Navigo Explorer WebMap supports point and Interpolation based Geocoding, as well as path or road-mile post based Geocoding.

Direct your fleet with our industry specific management modules.

These include General Fleet Management, Public Works, Solid Waste, Utilities, Public Safety, Transit Systems, and Work Order Management Systems.

Fleet Management Module

The Fleet Management Lite Module allows for simple entry and tracking of vehicle odometer values, fuel usage, and material usage for all industry specific fleet operation activities and is integrated directly within the Navigo Desktop Mapping Software Suite’s base module package.

Vehicles equipped with our optional OBD interface can monitor all engine diagnostic information including engine fault codes as they appear. We support the OBDII standard found on all cars and light trucks and the J1708 and J1939 standard used in heavy trucks, buses, and equipment.

Public Works

With the Public Works Module option the user is able to monitor all the Route-based operations commonly performed such as winter weather and ice operations, sweepers, paint trucks, weed spraying, chippers/sealers, graders, sanitary clean out, and much more.

As any Public Works operations event progresses and roads/areas are treated the Server will continually update the Route Layer database with current operations, treatment times, and amounts. Material usage totals, distances travelled, and fuel usage may be reported using the ADMIN-Reports menu item and running the appropriate report from the Report Builder window.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Operations Module can directly monitor compaction, pickup arm extension, and landfill operation. Route exceptions may also be monitored through the use of an MDT in the vehicle. Here the driver will send a status indicating the exception. For example Can-Not-Out or Yard-Waste-In-Can could be sent in and recorded at the server. If a customer calls in later in the day to find out why their trash was not picked a quick search around the address will determine that a Can-Not-Out status was indicated and the time it was sent in.


Our Utilities Manager Module option offers a generic work order management system that may be adapted for a variety of uses. The option can interface directly to on-board Garmin personal navigation devices to provide in-vehicle guidance, multiple stop optimization, driver log-in, statusing, and generic two-way messaging.

Transit Systems

Location Technologies’ Transit Module option for the Navigo Desktop Mapping Software Suite offers Route Compliance, Automatic Passenger Counting, Fare Box integration, and pre-trip inspection logging. Our Transit Server Program will calculate next stop ETA’s and distribute messaging information to remote stop displays and kiosks.

Public Safety

Public Safety related module add-ins include E911(Phase 1 & Phase 2) system integration for display of call location from cell phones and land lines, integration with 3rd party CAD systems, and monitoring vehicle activity such as sirens, lights, shotgun racks, equipment usage.

Mobile Data Terminal and Personal Navigation Device Integration

LTI offers a variety of mobile data options. These include our own LTMDC Mobile Data Computer, LTMDT Mobile Data Terminal, Laptop interfaces, and our Garmin Navigation Device interface.