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About Us

Location Technologies specializes in finding solutions to fit your application. We have successfully developed wireless data, GPS, and remote monitoring systems for applications ranging from train control to job site monitoring to total fleet management systems in a wide variety of industries.

Whether your needs are for Mobile Data, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Wireless access to business systems, or telemetry let us put our experience to work for you.

In every category we serve, Location Technologies has a proven history of integrating our customized solutions seamlessly into operations of all shapes and sizes. Location Technologies, Inc. (LTI) has provided fleet and asset management hardware, software, and systems since 1992. We are proud to have installed the first county-wide AVL system at Coffee County, KS before the GPS satellite constellation was complete.

When integrating new systems over existing infrastructure, experience counts. LTI has decades of experience in wireless data communication. LTI engineers and technicians have integrated our systems into a wide variety of radio equipment types and network topologies. We have successfully implemented GPS/AVL Fleet Management Systems into a wide range of industries including public works, solid waste, utilities, public safety, transportation systems (including mass transit and taxis), positive train control systems, precision agriculture, ground based NAVAIDS, real estate, heavy construction, and various other telecommunications projects.

Automatic Vehicle Location Systems based on the GPS satellite constellation (GPS/AVL) provide fleet managers with unprecedented levels of managerial control and security over the vehicles in their care. All GPS/AVL systems, regardless of the vendor, are comprised of three elements, the vehicle hardware (in each vehicle), the communication medium, and the fixed-end Fleet Management Software (e.g. dispatch center). Variations in the functionality, performance, and cost of these three areas are what discriminates one vendor’s AVL system from another. The GPS/AVL Systems offered by Location Technologies, Inc. (LTI) incorporate state of the art GPS, signal processing, and wireless communications equipment and software.

No one in the industry offers a wider line of fleet management products. Our GPS and Wireless Data products include our LT6 and LT5 GPS based vehicle tracking systems, LT6R Radio Modem Line, the LTMDC Mobile Data Computer, the LTMDT Mobile Data Terminal, a line of low cost high accuracy GPS products, and a family of remote data collection and monitoring equipment and software. Our flagship is the LT6 family of data radio products featuring over the air data rates up to 19.2 kbps, with optional interfaces to cellular, GPRS, CDMA, and satellite data communications. We also provide specialized GPS products based on our high accuracy Real Time Kinematic (RTK) system.

By maintaining a common message protocol we are able to offer our customers flexibility in selecting the communication media best suited for their application. Radio based, cellular, or logging equipment can be utilized in the same fleet if required.

Location Technologies offers many Fleet Management Mapping/GIS Software package options including the LTMap6 Navigo Desktop Software Suite and our LT Navigo Explorer WebMap Platform specifically designed for fleet management and dispatch oriented applications. With the ability to utilize, in native format, map data files from virtually all of the major GIS packages including ESRI, Intergraph, Mapinfo, and AutoCad, the Navigo Fleet Management Mapping/GIS package options are the perfect solution for government use where there has been an existing investment made in GIS.

Our Fleet Management Products include Equipment Management and Tracking Systems, Public Works Management Software, RFID tags, Smart-card Reader and Printer interfaces. Remote point-of-sale (POS) systems, with credit card processing, are also available.