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Proven Mobile Business And Fleet Management Solutions

Designed to Meet YOUR Needs

Managing your fleets, resources and equipment effectively requires knowing the status of your operations at all times. With intelligent mobile solutions from Location Technologies, you can monitor and track assets with exceptional accuracy and detail in real time to respond to changing conditions and resource needs instantly. Our proven solutions are based on years of specialized engineering expertise in designing systems for a wide range of industries. We work to understand your exact needs and to deliver a tailored solution that enables you to work more efficiently the way you want your operation to run.

At Location Technologies, our mission is to give you the ultimate level of control so you can maximize your existing resources, reduce operating costs and perform at your best.


With roots dating back to the beginnings of intelligent fleet management, Location Technologies combines unmatched engineering expertise and more than 15 years of development experience to deliver leading-edge, intelligent mobile business and fleet management solutions. Our broad and proven successes in each category we serve give us a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges you face in your operations. With this deep industry knowledge, we approach each project with a focus on your needs to deliver a custom-fit solution designed to help you achieve your specific operational and business goals.